B2B Web Order Platform

The interface between your B2B customers and your department accepting orders

B2B Web Order Platform

Make it possible for your customers to order your products online. We built an easy-to-use, customizable and affordable Web Order Platform for easy and error free communication with your customers when ordering your products and services. Manage your orders and send them it directly to your ERP system. 

Keep track of every order all in one simple to use platform. Transfer your current communication via phones and emails to a simple cloud application accessible anytime, anywhere. An order created in the Web Order Platform will be automatically transferred to a work order. 

We'll work with you to build out custom features to meet your needs.

Web Order platform features an easy to use interface:

Application example:

You are a manufacturer of blinds. Your customers (different window manufacturers) regularly order your products from you for different projects. So far, ordering communication takes place via email, phone and various purchase orders. To complete an order, you need a lot of coordination, telephoning and sending different emails to synchronize the order, and there could be mistakes in this communication that cost you extra time and money.

Not anymore.

Our Web Order Platform enables automated ordering and easier communication with your customers. Our platform also allows you to create work orders and connects it to your ERP system via an API. No copy / paste imput into ERP required any more. 

Web Order Platform is designed to be very flexible for any type of production.

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